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100 gecs “10000 Gecs” my cultural maximalist

with the current success Unexpectedly, wherever, the idea of the multiverse has been validated in opposition to popular culture. This idea refers to an entire physique of existence, together with alternate universes and alternate or parallel realities, all of which may theoretically unfold and proliferate on the identical time. I am right here. As well as, the motif evokes expanded or limitless potentialities, prompting us to view our lives extra macroscopically, broadly, and interdimensionally than our conditioning suggests.

And the premise of the multiverse, explored for many years in science fiction movies and literature, is the ubiquity of networked media platforms, the ubiquity of data, the ubiquity of socio-political polarities, and the escalation of info into “options.” It is also value contemplating that it grew to become well-liked when it started to be handled as a ‘well-liked’. phenomenon”. Hyperpop, in flip, is an aesthetic extension of this existential local weather or zeitgeist. Sonic maximalism serves as a metaphor for the distinct dissonances and inevitable arrhythmias of recent life.

on their new album 10000 Gex100 gecs (Dylan Brady and Laura Les) honed the anarchic sound and irony of their Twitter-influenced debut, 1000 Gex, which employs an analogous sonic palette however focuses extra on songcraft and vocal supply. Thus, the duo reaffirms their standing as hyperpop ambassadors, whereas on the identical time notable predominant vocals, together with memorable beats, hook-like melodies and oak-court-his slacker vocals that epitomize his vibe. It implements stream data.

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The opening “Dumbest Woman Alive” is constructed round a guitar riff paying homage to the times of Jesus 90125, though Brady and Les eschew the progressive pretentious. By way of tone, Beastie Boys’ “Battle for Your Gentle” may be a extra apt comparability. It is quirky and soaked in results that give it a post-human really feel. The lyrics feign nihilistic shallowness (“Put an emoji on my grave/I am the dumbest woman alive”). With AI rendering, a complicated program that responds to related information tags, you’ve got the sensation that you would be able to deal with all the monitor.

“757” options flashy vocals paired with flashy accents and flashy beats. Think about the sound of a pinball machine filtered by an array of results, embracing the cut-up methodology of Love Bullion Gysin, and reconstructed over joints and sugary snacks. “Hollywood Child,” alternatively, is filled with discordant accents however incorporates catchy guitar riffs and an infectious melody.Vocals are a few of the most accessible on 10000 Gexgenerally the impact is sort of fully eliminated.

“Frog on the Flooring” employs a humble tune and ska-leaning guitar licks regardless of its foolish stoner vibes, marking a restructuring of 100 gecs’ often-overlooked pop antecedents . “Doritos & Fritos” additionally unfolds as a Dippy complement to the Snapchat submit, however with efficient melodic components. A mix of unbridled irony and subtly understated eclecticism, Frank remembers his Zappa legacy and lineage, together with Weezer, Ariel Pink, and Frost His Youngsters tracks.

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The considerably irritating “Million {Dollars}” options Brady uttering the sport present’s greatest voice whereas repeating the title phrase and nausea. Beats and accents are revealed and are available collectively in a hyper-cacophony paying homage to early Alka or Sophie overdosing on antihistamines or his TikTok movies. “The Most Needed Particular person in the USA” is a bit more melodic and fewer raucous, however stuffed with aural and lyrical continuity, rhythmic tangents and exaggerated use of results. The music performs with sonic flux, navigating the road between insanity and dissolution.monitor (and 10000 Gex as an entire) inevitably evokes the long-standing theme of the connection between artwork and life. Is artwork a mirrored image of life? whose life? Are the traditional rules of magnificence and unity nonetheless legitimate? Who mandates and governs these tips?

The raucous “meme” begins with the phrases “You by no means actually know/no no/you recognize nothing about me.” The music options comparatively obscure vocals with a triumphant melody and results, however confirms that 100 gecs has largely rejected typical expressionist music. 10000 Gexlike 1000 Gex Earlier than that, it is persona-driven, prompted by an attunement to the music-based, acquainted excesses. Lastly, the set is a bombastic but strategically sculpted collage of impressions, sensations, and indirect commentary. It succeeds as a lot, if no more, as a cultural interplay, an aural reflection of up to date life, than a purely aesthetic providing.

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In on a regular basis life, very like the Web, it wears many masks, despite the fact that phrases like authenticity and vulnerability are given lip service. It has varied meanings, resembling unstable at and finally unstable. performativeWe’re all and nothing, who and no one. As Macbeth stated, “Life is however a strolling shadow…a narrative…that means nothing.” 100 gecs makes use of this stylish but fertile paradigm in a transparent and witty manner.


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