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ben silby gives a mature but playful alt-pop monitor "corrugated"

Brooklyn-based queer musician and performer ben silby delivers a slice of mature alt-pop on “wavy,” led by a playful melody and offbeat songwriting. A spontaneous quantity that explores anger, regret, stupidity and grief in a time of transition, the weak message is framed by an unpredictable and extremely catchy soundscape.

After establishing their luscious but tongue-in-cheek soundstyle of their debut single “Stain,” which sees them delve into a way of identification, this rising pop expertise has crafted an uplifting musicality that exudes pleasure and humor amid of momentary disappointment.

Creating the expectation of upbeat productions tinged with darkish however poetic undertones, silby’s elaborate but laid-back pop sensibility noticed them carve out a strong place within the scene in a short time.

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