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Cliffs + Caves Ship Their Evocative New Single, “Eso Si Que Es”

Immediately’s acclaimed mother-daughter duo Cliffs + Caves launched their evocative new single, “Eso Si Que Es,” an inspiring journey of affection, loss, and the resilience of the human spirit.

With intricate layers of Ben Howard-inspired fingerstyle guitar and harmonies paying homage to Damien Rice, Phoebe Bridgers and Noah Gundersen, “Eso Si Que Es” resonates with the uncooked energy of emotion. Its profound themes intertwine grief and grief with a deep empathy for all times’s complexities, offering listeners with a soothing and cathartic expertise.

“‘Eso Si Que Es’ explores the fullness of life, embracing each its wondrous and heartbreaking parts,” says Lindsey Justice of Cliffs + Caves. The title, a hopeful tackle the phrase “it’s what it’s”, epitomizes the tune. essence – accepting life because it comes whereas cherishing its poignant moments.

Impressed by the duo’s transformative journey to Jackson Gap and the Grand Tetons, and moved by a good friend’s most cancers battle, “Eso Si Que Es” captures the bittersweet dichotomy of life’s magical and tragic moments. The lyrics, written by Lindsey and Claire, are a mild reminder to understand the time shared with family members, emphasizing the valuable worth of life’s fleeting moments.

Cliffs + Caves have as soon as once more confirmed their dynamic versatility and emotional depth, weaving an acoustic tapestry of life’s ups and downs. As listeners await their subsequent EP, “Eso Si Que Es” affords a poignant perception into the duo’s evolution and their brave exploration of life’s deep complexities.

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