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Full Listing of 59th Baeksang Arts Awards 2023 Nominees for Tv and Movie Sections

Considered one of South Korea’s most prestigious awards, the Baeksang Awards, has revealed its nominees for this 12 months. Discover the nominees, date and venue for the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards 2023 beneath.

59th Baeksang Arts Awards 2023 Nominees, Date and Venue

Date and place

59th Baeksang Arts Awards 2023
59th Baeksang Arts Awards 2023. | Baeksangawards

The Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony is likely one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in South Korea. This annual awards ceremony acknowledges excellence in movie, tv and theater by a rigorous judging course of by a panel of 60 skilled evaluators, trade judges and professionals representing tv, movie and the theater by a rigorous choice course of.

Nominees have been chosen from TV dramas, reveals, and films that aired or have been theatrically launched between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023.

At this 12 months’s Baeksang Arts Awards, actor Kang Ki Younger and actress Ha Yoon Kyung are nominated within the tv and movie part. And within the tv part, the Greatest Screenplay class is dominated by ladies.

Ilgan Sports activities and JTBC Plus will host the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards this 12 months. The ceremony will happen on April 28, 2023To Paradise Metropolis of Incheon, Incheonfrom 5:30 p.m. KST. The extremely anticipated prestigious awards ceremony might be broadcast stay in South Korea by JTBC on JTBC, JTBC2 and JTBC4, and internationally by TikTok.

Full Listing of Nominees for the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards 2023


Baeksang Arts Awards 2023 Nominees - Film Section.  |  Baeksangawards
Nominated for Baeksang Arts Awards 2023 – Movie Part. | Baeksangawards
Greatest movie
  • Subsequent Sohee
  • The night time owl
  • Hansan: Dragon Rising
  • Chase
  • Choice to go away
Greatest Director
  • Kim Han-minHansan: Dragon Rising
  • Park Chan-wookChoice to go away
  • Ahn Tae-jinThe night time owl
  • Lee Jung-jaeChase
  • Jung Ju-riSubsequent Sohee
Greatest New Director
  • Kim BreastThe condo with two ladies
  • Yi Woong ParkThe woman with the bulldozer
  • Ahn Tae-jinThe night time owl
  • Lee Sang-yongThe roundup
  • Lee Jung-jaeChase
Greatest Screenplay
  • Gyu-tae Park6/45
  • Lee Jung-jae, Jo Seung-heeChase
  • Park Chan-wook, Jeong Search engine marketing-kyeongChoice to go away
  • Jung Ju-riSubsequent Sohee
  • Ahn Tae-jin, Hyun Kyu-riThe night time owl
Technical award
  • Ryu Seong-heeChoice to go away
  • Lee Mo-gaeChase
  • Jeong Seong-jin, Jeong Chul-minHansan: Dragon Rising
  • Cho Younger-wookChoice to go away
  • Hong Seung CheolThe night time owl
Greatest actor
  • Ryu Jun-yeolThe night time owl (position: Cheon Kyung-soo)
  • Ma Dong-seokThe roundup (position: Ma Seok-do)
  • Hae-il ParkChoice to go away (position: Hae-joon)
  • Music Kang-hoDealer (position: Sang-hyun)
  • Jung Woo-sungChase (position: Kim Jung-do)
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Greatest Actress
  • Bae DoonaSubsequent Sohee (position: Yoo-jin)
  • Yang MalbokThe condo with two ladies (position: Su-gyeong)
  • Yum Jung-ahLife is gorgeous (position: Oh Se-yeon)
  • Jeon Do-yeonKill Boksoon (position: Gil Bok-soon)
  • Tang WeiChoice to go away (position: Music Search engine marketing-rae)
Greatest Supporting Actor
  • Kang Ki-youngThe main males (position: Qasim / Lee Bong-han)
  • Kim Sung CheolThe night time owl (as Crown Prince Sohyeon)
  • Ji-hwan ParkThe roundup (position: Jang I-soo)
  • Byun Yo-hanHansan: Dragon Rising (position: Wakisaka)
  • I’m SiwanDeclaration of emergency (position: Jin-seok)
Greatest Supporting Actress
  • Sewan Park6/45 (position: Yeon-hee)
  • Bae DoonaSubsequent Sohee (position: Yoo-jin)
  • Ahn Eun-jinThe night time owl (position: Jo So-yong)
  • Yum Jung-ahAlienoid (position: Heug-seol)
  • Lee YeonKill Boksoon (position: Kim Yeong-ji)
Greatest New Actor
  • No Jae-wonYoon lacking (position: Jung Joon-ok)
  • Park Jin YoungerChristmas tune (position: Joo Wol-woo / Joo Il-woo)
  • Goodbye Woo-seoktwentieth century woman (position: Poong Woon-ho)
  • Search engine marketing In-gukWolf searching challenge (position: Park Jong-doo)
  • Ong Seong WuLife is gorgeous (position: Jeong-woo)
Greatest New Actress
  • Come on Youn-jungChase (position: Jo Yoo-jeong)
  • Kim SieunSubsequent Sohee (position: So-hee)
  • Kim Hye-yoonThe woman with the bulldozer (position: Goo Hye-young)
  • UI Dealer (position: Moon So-young)
  • Ha Yoon-kyungGyeong-ah’s daughter (position: Yeon-su)
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Baeksang Arts Awards 2023 Nominees - Television Section.  |  Baeksangawards
Baeksang Arts Awards 2023 Nominees – Tv Part. | Baeksangawards
Greatest Drama
  • My Launch Notes (JTBC)
  • Glory (Netflix)
  • Our blues (DVT)
  • Extraordinary Prosecutor Woo (ENA)
  • Little lady (DVT)
Greatest Director
  • Kim Kyu-taeOur blues
  • Kim Seok YoonMy launch notes
  • Kim Hee-wonLittle lady
  • Yoo In-sikExtraordinary Prosecutor Woo
  • Lee Joo-youngAnna

Greatest Screenplay

  • Kim Eun-sookGlory
  • Moon Ji-wonExtraordinary Prosecutor Woo
  • Park Hae-youngMy launch notes
  • Jeong Search engine marketing-kyungLittle lady
  • Hong Jung-eun, Hong Mi-ranalchemy of souls
Technical award
  • Noh Younger-sim (Music) – Extraordinary Prosecutor Woo
  • Ryu Seong-hee (Inventive route) – Little lady
  • Music Nak-hoon, Jo Jin-hyeon, Hwang In-woo (Taking pictures) – Inkigayo
  • Hwang Jin Hye (Visible Results) – Extraordinary Prosecutor Woo
  • Jang Jong Kyung (Taking pictures) – Glory
Greatest actor
  • Son Suk-kuMy Launch Notes (position: Gu Ja-gyeong)
  • Lee Byung-hunOur blues (position: Lee Dong-seok)
  • Lee Sung-minreborn wealthy (position: Jin Yang-chul)
  • Jung Kyung HoCrash course in romance (position: Choi Chi-yeol)
  • Choi Min Sikmassive wager (position: Cha Mu-sik)
Greatest Actress
  • Kim Ji-wonMy Launch Notes (position: Yeom Mi-jeong)
  • Kim Hye-sooUnderneath the queen’s umbrella (position: Queen Im Hwa-ryeong)
  • Eun-bin ParkExtraordinary Prosecutor Woo (position: Woo Younger-woo)
  • hye kyo tuneGlory (position: Moon Dong-eun)
  • bae suzyAnna (position: Lee Yumi / Lee Anna)
Greatest Supporting Actor
  • Kang Ki-young – Lawyer Extraordinary Woo (position: Jung Myung-seok)
  • Kim Dohyunreborn wealthy (position: Choi Chang-je)
  • Kim Jun HanAnna (position: Choi Ji-hoon)
  • Park Sung HoonGlory (position: Jeon Jae-joon)
  • Jo Woo-jinNarco Saints (position: Byeon Ki-tae)
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Greatest Supporting Actress
  • Kim Shin-rokreborn wealthy (position: Jin Hwa-young)
  • Yeom Hye RanGlory (position: Kang Hyeon-nam)
  • Lee ElMy Launch Notes (position: Yeom Ki-jeong)
  • Lim Ji YeonGlory (position: Park Yeon-jin)
  • Jung Eun-chaeAnna (position: Lee Hyeon-ju)
Greatest Rookie Actor
  • Kim GunwooGlory (position: Son Myeong-oh)
  • Kim MinhoNew recruit (position: Park Min-seok)
  • Moon Sang-minUnderneath the queen’s umbrella (position: Grand Prince Seongnam / Yi Kang)
  • Joo Jong HyukExtraordinary Prosecutor Woo (position: Kwon Min-woo)
  • Hong KyungWeak hero class 1 (position: Oh Beom-seok)
Greatest Debuting Actress
  • Kim HieoraGlory (position: Lee Sa-ra)
  • Roh Yoon Search engine marketingCrash course in romance (position: Nam Hae-yi)
  • Lee Kyung-songMy Launch Notes (position: Kwak Hye-suk)
  • Joo Hyun-youngExtraordinary Prosecutor Woo (position: Dong Geu-ra-mi)
  • Ha Yoon-kyungExtraordinary Prosecutor Woo (position: Choi Su-yeon)
Greatest Leisure Program
  • Earth Arcade (DVT)
  • Psick Present Season 3
  • Bodily: 100 (Netflix)
  • Change Season 2 (TV)
  • SNL Korea 3 (Coupang Play)
Greatest academic program
  • Nationwide Investigations Headquarters (Imprecise)
  • Within the title of God: a holy betrayal (Netflix)
  • Your literacy+ (EBS)
  • Grownup Kim Jang-ha (MBC)
  • Hidden Earth Korean Peninsula 3 billion years outdated (KBS)
Greatest Male Selection Performer
  • Kian84
  • Kim Kyung-wook
  • Kim Jong Kook
  • Jun Hyun Moo
  • Hwang Je-sung
Greatest Feminine Selection Performer
  • Kim Min-kyung
  • Se-mi Park
  • Lee Soo-ji
  • Lee Eun-ji
  • Joo Hyun-young

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