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Ponette Displays on the Complexity of Love in “I Assume the World Was Higher With out Me”

norwegian singer Pony delivers one more style of his darkish but catchy pop sound on newest mission I feel the world was higher off with out me Hewhich touches on the complexity of affection by way of its signature mix of upbeat sounds and emotional lyrics.

Wrapping heavy, introspective moments in spunky, synth-tinged pop-rock soundscapes, the four-track EP exudes a coming-of-age really feel whereas stretching a way of maturity all through the mission.

Showcasing not simply the evolution of her musicianship, however the depth of her songwriting, Ponette dissects her ideas and emotions, speaking them on to our hearts together with her poignant lyrical prowess, framed in equal components vulnerability and energy.

With a handful of critically acclaimed releases behind her, Ponette continues to carve out a powerful presence on the pop/indie scene together with her capacity to be grounded but magical together with her fluid but rigorously crafted artistry.

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