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What you want to learn about PROJECT WOLF HUNTING: synopsis and solid

Wolf looking mission is among the most beneficial Korean movies premiering on the 2022 Toronto Worldwide Movie Competition (TIFF). Starring Search engine marketing In-guk, Jang Dong-yoon, Choi Gwil-hwa, Sung Dong-il and Jung So-min, the movie shall be out there to viewers residing in Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, earlier than you watch the film premiere on tvN Films on April 29 at 9 PM (JKT), you higher know the synopsis and solid of Wolf looking mission.

What you want to know earlier than watching PROJECT WOLF HUNTING


In 2022, the story begins on the Manila Worldwide Container Terminal, the place a gaggle of Korean criminals board the Frontier Titan, a 58,000 ton freighter.

After a bomb exploded on the airport through the first extradition in 2017, authorities modified their plans to move the prisoners on a cargo ship to reduce their risk to civilians. A complete of 19 female and male detainees, together with former Crimson Discover fugitives do it And Jong dudrag their chained toes on the ship to make the three-day journey to Korea.

Accompanying them on board are the Korean police Captain Suk-woo and 22 different hardened detectives, every with a minimum of 10 years of expertise investigating violent crimes.

In the meantime, in Incheon, Dae Woongthe captain of the particular coastguard rescue unit, units up a disaster room to remotely supervise the transport of prisoners.

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Quickly, the floating jail leaves the harbor and begins heading in the direction of Korea, with the huge sea appearing as a barrier. The identify of the project: “Challenge Wolf Hunt.”

The prisoners are closely guarded, and all is quiet on board till Gu Tae, who had snuck onto the ship disguising himself as a sailor, frees Jong-du and his males, who viciously slaughter the cops with weapons they’d smuggled on board. They put the our bodies within the freezer, the place the blood flows and slides down the drain like a sinful snake.

Freed by Jong-du, different prisoners quickly emerge from the cabins one after the other, throwing off their handcuffs and shackles.

Do-il, whose darkish previous nonetheless looms over his good-looking however expressionless face, is courting his roommate Soo chul, a senior in his sixties. A middle-aged avuncular thug named Gunbae additionally comes out of his cabin.

In the meantime, in a hidden room beneath, one thing sinister additionally breaks free from its chains and comes out of the darkness.


search engine optimisation In-guk like Jong-du

SEO In-guk as the cast of Jong-du Project Wolf Hunting
Search engine marketing In-guk as Jong-du

Jong-du is the boss’s son. Her father is Pyong-sam, the scary chief of the nationwide Wonkang crime syndicate. Even essentially the most insensitive males can a minimum of feign sympathy, however not Jong-du. He has pure evil etched in his DNA and has been accountable for many atrocities, together with murders and assaults. His look is as wicked as his soul, lean as a hungry hyena and lined head to toe in tattoos.

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JANG Dong-yoon as Do-il

Jang Dong-yoon as Do-il Project Wolf Hunting Cast
Jang Dong-yoon as Do-il

Tall, effectively reduce and good-looking, nobody would think about he’s a ruthless killer at first sight. He’s quiet and unassuming and was an extraordinary younger man with extraordinary desires till his life turned the other way up that fateful day, like a capsized ship in the course of the huge, directionless sea. That day, he misplaced his household, in addition to his heat, his smile and his will to dwell. Since then, he floats aimlessly by means of time like a rudderless ship.

JUNG So-min as Da-yeon

JUNG So-min as Da-yeon Project Wolf Hunting Cast
Jung So-min as Da-yeon

Opposite to her fragile look, Da-yeon is rebellious to the highly effective and compassionate to the weak. Though she appears small, Da-yeon fought higher than most male detectives throughout her time as a violent crime detective. She usually will get on the flawed facet of her lead detectives as a result of her outspokenness. She incarcerated Myung-ju, a vicious legal, and boarded the Frontier Titan as a detective for Myung-Ju.

SUNG Dong-il as Dae-woong

SUNG Dong-il as Dae-woong
Sung Dong-il as Dae-woong

Dae-woong is the commander of the Particular Rescue Unit, an elite department of the Korean Coast Guard. He retains the depth and self-discipline of his days within the Navy, the place he was a part of the underwater demolition workforce. He doesn’t socialize with the opposite officers outdoors of labor and is an enigma to them, at all times regarded with concern and trailed by rumors.

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CHOI Gwi-hwa as α~Alpha

Choi Gwi-hwa as Alpha
Choi Gwi-hwa as α~Alpha

Eyes sewn with sturdy artificial sutures. The severed tongue decayed right into a black stump. He barely appears human and behaves like a bloodthirsty beast – a residing, respiratory weapon of mass destruction.

Present Wolf looking mission premieres on tvN Films: April 29 at 9 p.m. (JKT). And keep up to date with the newest Korean dramas and films on culturevibemagazine and our Instagram, Fb, Twitterand the Telegram channel.


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